The Power of Masculine Leadership: Unleashing Your Potential

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In this episode, we will discuss the importance of male leadership. This is a topic that has been briefly mentioned in previous episodes, but we want to focus on it now. I am naturally introverted, and the idea of being a leader or speaking in front of people scared me. I lacked confidence in my speaking ability, and I never expected to be in a position where I would be talking in front of people, let alone leading organizations or co-hosting a podcast and YouTube channel that reaches thousands of people.

I did some leadership work in the Air Force, but I never expected to be in a leadership position in Freemasonry. However, Freemasonry has a way of pushing you out of your comfort zone, just enough to make you uncomfortable, but not enough to run you off. Before I knew it, I was standing in front of people, talking, and leading. Freemasonry has a Progressive line that puts you with more responsibility over time, which trains you to be the leader you need to be.

Men, in general, are not designed to sit idly by. We are hunters, and we get the most out of life by seeking out and overcoming challenges. If you’re feeling unfulfilled, seek out opportunities to be involved and lead. You can do this within your family, the organizations you’re involved in or could be involved with, or your community.

Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, we fall flat in our communities. There are so many organizations in our communities, such as city council, planning and zoning, EDCs, water boards, etc., that are starving for volunteers. If you want to make your community better, from a Masonic perspective, fish fries and giving money to scholarships will help someone in a small way, but they won’t make your community better.

Freemasonry is awesome because, if you learn the principles, you can bring people together with those principles, and they won’t even know it. You can use the lessons you learn in Lodge to do good things in your community, but you can accomplish so much more by being on a local or county board. The ADC recently voted to help a Youth Association with a substantial amount of money, which the Lodge could never raise.

As an organization, we have gotten sidetracked because we feel like it has to be the Masonic Lodge that does everything. However, it’s us as individuals outside of the Lodge doing things in our community that will make a difference. Take the lessons you learned as a Mason and go out into the world, become a leader, and apply those lessons.

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